Where are the New Posts? The Answer: Kitsune guest stars Poplurker!!!

Many of you may or may not know my most recent blog posts have actually been on Loryn Stone’s amazing website: https://poplurker.com/ I’m very grateful have been invited to write for her pop-culture blog, and I hope that maybe one day she or the other Poplurkers will appear here. For those who haven’t seen my latest posts on Poplurker I did two very major ones, one on The Top Ten Best and Worst Godzilla Films, and a series on the 20 Most Important Transgender Manga and Anime Characters in two parts (part one & two).

For those waiting though for more of the standard blog content on this page, I promise you that I am still working hard on it and that you won’t have too long to wait. I have a number of exciting anime lists I’m working on, as well as some other fun content that I’m really looking forward to posting.

See all you foxes soon,


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